Special Exhibits - Bert Marsh Retrospective
Bert Marsh Retrospective

One of the UK's most respected turners, Bert Marsh sadly passed away in May 2011 leaving a legacy of the finest of turned pieces.

Bert's lifestyle had been fundamentally changed in 1980 by health problems — from a senior lecturer at Brighton Polytechnic to a professional woodturner. From then, like no other, Bert learnt to transform wood into the most delicate forms bringing out the true beauty of the figure of the wood.

This was no accidental feat and he spent many years perfecting his own unique techniques with a large number of trials before producing finished exhibition pieces.

He was a master of artistic form and his ability to turn vessels of all types with the thinnest walls was legendary.

He was revered by his peers and known throughout the world for the quality of his work. He was prolific and his work is in most serious wood collector's collections and held in many museums worldwide.

Bert was known to scores of fellow makers in all the craft disciplines through his almost continuous selection for Chelsea Crafts, Origin and Art in Action.

The Worshipful Company of Turners has seen fit to honour his memory with this Retrospective Display of his work, and the company is proud to have a new Competition Class, the Bert Marsh Trophies, in memory of his contribution to turning.

 Bert Marsh Obituary, published in the 2011 edition of 'The Turner'.