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Bob Chapman

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Bob Chapman says that "making a living from turning is not easy, turners have to be versatile and respond to market forces. As well as actually turning I now spend much of my time teaching woodturning skills and demonstrating to clubs and other interested groups. Some time ago I was recruited by 'The Woodworker & Woodturner' magazine to write a series of articles on various aspects of woodturning, design and related matters, and more recently I have also started writing for 'Woodturning' magazine.

I occasionally do craft fairs but find this an increasingly uncertain market and most of my work is now sold through galleries or bought directly from me, and I still enjoy making special pieces for commissions. It suits me well that, by-and-large, I'm free to follow my own interests and make whatever I want.

I still feel I'm very much a general turner, who has reached a high level of craftsmanship. I like experimenting with design but I tend naturally towards simplicity. I like simple forms and designs with classical shapes and minimal decoration and I strive for something which I call 'elegance', but please don't ask me to define it.

I know it when I achieve it, and I think others also recognise the qualities of design and making which go into my work because it always sells well, and it was considered good enough for me to be invited to join the Register of Professional Turners of the Worshipful Company of Turners of London.

This text was taken from the home page of Bob Chapman's website (16 Nov 2011).