Individual exhibitors at Wizardry in Wood

Many of the items on display are for sale by their makers and can be purchased at the exhibition. Credit card facilities are available for payments.

Nick Agar Peter Archer Bob Chapman Paul Coker
Nick Agar
Stand 16
Peter Archer
Stand 14
Bob Chapman
Stand 2
Paul Coker
Stand 4
Margaret Garrard Dennis Hales Mark Hancock Dennis Keeling
Margaret Garrard
Stand 10
Dennis Hales
Stand 6
Mark Hancock
Stand 12
Dennis Keeling
Stand 3
Ray Key Stuart King Carlyn Lindsay Gregory Moreton
Ray Key
Stand 15
Stuart King
Stand 17
Carlyn Lindsay
Stand 7
Gregory Moreton
Stand 9
Stuart Mortimer Tracey Owen Gary Rance
Stuart Mortimer
Stand 19
Tracey Owen
Stand 5
Gary Rance
Stand 18
Guy Ravine
Stand 11
Joey Richardson Les Thorne Robin Wood Rosemary Wright
Joey Richardson
Stand 1
Les Thorne
Stand 18
Robin Wood
Stand 8
Rosemary Wright
Stand 13

At the core of the exhibition, visitors will be able to see work from some of today's leading woodturners such as Joey Richardson and Nick Agar, returning favourites Ray Key and Paul Coker plus an abundance of new exhibitors including Tracy Owen, Dennis Hales, Peter Archer and Bob Chapman.

Exhibiting new works at Wizardry in Wood, Joey Richardson is a leader in the artistic wood-turning movement. Her distinctive style features intricate handwork, piercing and painting.

Renowned wood-turner Ray Key has chosen to showcase his latest works at Wizardry In Wood. His trademark minimalist style that skillfully captures the exquisite beauty and elegance of the wood has resulted in his work being featured in well over 200 exhibitions worldwide.

Having spent a lifetime researching traditional woodworking skills both in England and overseas, wood-turner Stuart King's passion for our rural past is evident in his work, the latest of which will form his exhibit at Wizardry In Wood.

Other names to look out for include:

Peter Archer who produces one-off pieces in temperate hardwoods which are stained, carved and finely finished using oil and wax;

Dennis Hales whose subtle use of colour and delicate application of gilding results in fine example of decorative turning; and

Paul Coker, one of only a select few full-time professional Ornamental and Rose Engine turners.