Special Exhibits - Collection of Holtzapffel lathes
Holtzapffel Collection

The family firm of tool manufacturers, Holtzapffel & Co, sold the special lathes for making the most ornate turned objects particularly in the nineteenth century, an age of the amateur scientist.

The firm's catalogues stated they had “a workroom for the instruction of Amateurs fitted up for the Mechanical Arts”. It offered “experienced Instructors for ladies and gentlemen at their private residences in London or the country”. Fortunately, the collection of the amazing “showcase” pieces of these instructors and the Holtzapffels themselves (particularly Charles and John Jacob) were donated to the South Kensington Science Museum in 1930.

We are privileged to be able to show a large display of this incredible collection at Wizardry in Wood.

It is believed this will be its first public showing in 82 years and there will also be a fully equipped nineteenth century Holtzapffel lathe resplendent in all its glory.

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