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Joey Richardson

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Joey Richardson grew up surrounded by trees on a small farm within the heart of Twigmoor Woods in Lincolnshire, England, where her love for wood, nature, fauna and flora developed. In 2002 her great enthusiasm for woodturning evolved into a full-time profession. She was accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners, which is supported by the Worshipful Company of Turners of London, and in 2005 was awarded the company bursary.

The bursary allowed her to study in America, where turned wood is highly prized as a collectable art. Inspiration grew as she spent time with Binh Pho; she learned to refine her traditional methods and to add new, innovative techniques: piercing, colour and texture. She developed her philosophical view of her work; and with this growth came an increase in her passion for her craft-based art, and a growing fluency in passing on her enthusiasm and knowledge to others. Most vitally, she learned the importance of creating from the inner self.

This concentrated learning experience gave an entirely new dimension to her work, transforming craft into art. Joey also started to draw increasing inspiration and support from her children and husband, as she in turn encourages them in their lives. The strength of her feeling for her family is integral with her passion for her work: they are inter-dependent, each inspiring the other. Each of her unique turnings now comes alive with its own story, as dreams, memories and passion are incorporated, allowing the viewer to see into the life of the piece.

In 2008, Joey was chosen to show her work in the exhibition Wizards in Wood: Stuart Mortimer and Joey Richardson, presented by the Worshipful Company of Turners in association with the Crafts Council's Collectexhibition, at LINLEY Mayfair. It was the first major exhibition of turned wood art in the UK.

Since then she has gone from strength to strength, as her résumé of exhibitions clearly shows. She has exhibited and sold her work at major exhibitions, schools, symposia and galleries in both the UK and the USA, including the prestigious SOFA expo in New York and Chicago where she is represented by del Mano Gallery. She has won many medals and prizes for woodturning, including awards in the Worshipful Company of Turners' competitions.

Woodturning is one of our oldest and most traditional crafts, which Joey feels passionate to keep alive. She teaches and gives demonstrations of turning, piercing, painting and texturing in the UK and the USA, inspiring others.

She feels skill with the lathe is as fundamental to the creation of wood art as it is to functional turning, e.g. salad bowls, spindles, architectural work. Using traditional turning methods with hand-held tools, she believes that turned wood art and utility items can raise each other's profile in a symbiotic relationship, encouraging more people - young and old - to become either hobby turners or professionals.

Joey is one of the leaders of the artistic woodturning movement which is developing in the UK. She is passionate about raising the profile of wood to an art form to encourage UK collectors, and to see wood in high-profile galleries, exhibitions and museums in the UK.

This text was taken from the home page of Joey Richardson's website (17 Nov 2011).