Special Exhibits - Mary Rose Collection
Mary Rose Collection

The story of the recovery of the Henry VIII's flagship, Mary Rose, from under the sands of Portsmouth harbour is one of the miracles of naval archaeology.

It provided a “time-warp” as far as the wooden items is concerned. It means there is an extensive collection of turned items from 1545 in wonderful condition, far better than similar turned items that have deteriorated in the atmosphere, many to the point where they are unrecognizable or turned to dust.

The Mary Rose Trust has kindly agreed to let us exhibit for the first time in London showing how extensively turned wood was used for utilitarian and functional items. There will be a range of bowls, plates cups, medical instruments, musical instruments, and rigging items.

In addition there will be demonstration of how these items were produced with professional Turner, Robin Wood, having extensively researched and analysed the originals.

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The Shuttle Endeavour had its last flight in June 2012 after a career of 123 million miles. On board was a Parrel - a three-inch turned wooden ball used as part of the mechanism to hoist the sails on the Mary Rose.

The memento was presented to the crew of the Atlantis space shuttle when they visited the Mary Rose at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in June 2011.

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