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Wizardry in Wood in the News

Financial Times
“It has been four years since the last Wizardry in Wood contemporary wood-turning selling exhibition, staged by the Worshipful Company of Turners in the City of London, and i'll be another four before the next one.

This is just one of myriad reasons to highlight the stunning creations by 20 of the UK's most talented designer—makers, shown alongside heritage pieces and presented in the grand setting of Carpenters' Hall.”

“Held every four years, the 'Wizardry in Wood' exhibition features historical collections that show how the craft of wood-turning has evolved during the 800 year existence of the Worshipful Company of Turners, along with work by contemporary wood-turners entered into the Company's competitions (much of which is for sale).”

November issue (page 54)
“The work of 20 of the UK's best woodturners is shown alongside important historical collections, including medieval pieces.”

November issue (page 119)
“Wonderful Wizards: See work by 20 of the UK's most skilled woodturners at the catchily names 'Wizardry in Wood' at the Carpenter's Hall in London. You'll find pieces by artist Joey Richardson, the late Theo Fabergé and artifacts from the Mary Rose Trust.”

“The historical grandeur of Carpenters' Hall in the City of London is the backdrop for this exhibition from 17—20 October. 2012 showcases work from the UK's most skilled woodturners, some of which will be available to buy.”

Five things to see in October: No.4
“Wood-turning is an ancient craft for shaping wood, different from carving, as the timber is moved around a stationary sharp instrument. This month, London's ancient Worshipful Company of Turners presents 20 of the UK's most skilled and creative wood-turners, who go far beyond a basic salad bowl or curtain finial.”

September/October issue (page 73)
“Wizardry In Wood, an exhibition of the finest contemporary wood-turning, is back for its third time in October. Wizardry In Wood offers the public a rare and unique opportunity to see and buy a diverse range of high quality, original works all in one convenient location situated in the heart of the city of London. The historical grandeur of Carpenters Hall is the exceptional backdrop for this truly unique exhibition. ”

September/October issue (page 7)
“Like the Olympic games, the worshipful Company of Turners' Wizardry in Wood only comes around every four years. So it's worth catching while you can. Styles promise to range from the minimilasm of Ray Key to the intricate hadwork, piercing and painting of Joey Richardson.”

Hot Press, Cool Events : October 2012 “Check out Wizardry in Wood in the UK for some fabulous and breathtaking wood carvings.”

“Exhibitors at Wizardry in Wood 2012 will include over twenty of the UK's most skilled and creative wood-turners showing the finest of contemporary work. Many of the pieces will be available for sale.”

“Wednesday 17-20 October is the Wizardry in Wood event in London. If you are interested in turning, then it is worth going to see who is exhibiting their work and also what special exhibits are on display.” Mark Baker, Editor

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