Exhibitors - Ray Key     Stand 15
Ray Key

Ray Key says about his life as a woodturner "from an early age I knew wood was my medium. In 1958 I became an apprentice Pattern Maker; woodturning was part of the job. Completion of my training saw me work with fibre glass and clay, wood remained my first love and turning it in particular. In 1965 I purchased my first lathe. In 1973 I turned my back on industry to become a full time turner. What has followed these past 35 years could not have been foreseen or imagined."

"The world wide growth of turning organisations, seminars, workshops, hobby turning, equipment development etc. is unbelievable. Perhaps the most significant and important development of the ancient craft is that it is now accepted as an Art Form."

"Since 1980, it has been my good fortune to have been present at many events where embryonic seeds have been sown that have impacted world turning. Parnham House hosted the first truly International Seminar in 1980; this was a truly seminal event. Since then my commitment and involvement with national and international woodturning causes has been all embracing, in retrospect it may have had a negative effect on my growth as turner (little time to develop ideas). That said my understanding and knowledge of woodturning worldwide continues, as does my development as a person. For every negative there is always a positive."

"My work embraces minimalism; my quest is to produce objects of beauty and elegant simplicity. I am a great believer of the object as a whole; not a disjointed assemblage of different ones. 'Keep it simple stupid', 'let the wood speak for itself' and 'if in doubt leave it out' are my design bywords."

"In 1987 I became the founding Chairman of The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB). In 1997 I was made a Life Member and appointed President in 1988. Two other rare honours have also come my way. 2001 saw Life Membership of The Association of American Woodturners bestowed.(At this time the only none North American afforded this honour). 2002 saw the honour of Freeman by Presentation of The Worshipful Company of Turners bestowed."