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Rosemary Wright

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Rosemary Wright started woodturning by accident at her local arts centre in 1994, thinking that she had enrolled in a furniture making evening class, but, before the end of that first session, she was hooked. Within six weeks she had my own lathe (a Record DML24) set up in her garage, a few tools and loads of enthusiasm.

Having originally trained as a biochemist, she worked in plant research until job dissatisfaction and illness caused her to change direction. So in 1997 she decided to become a full-time woodturner in partnership with Chris Mottram-Wooster, trading as 'Out of the Woods'.

Rosemary Wright says that "winning the Silver Award in the Open category of the Tools 2004 competition sponsored by Axminster Power Tools and Woodturning Magazine gave me the confidence to apply for selection by the Crafts Council for the Chelsea Crafts Fair in 2005, for which I was accepted. I was then given my first solo exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh in 2006 and was also selected for Origin in 2006. My work is held in a number of private collections around the world, including the Daniel Collection. The highlight of my woodturning career is winning the Tony Boase Award at the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain biennial international woodturning seminar 2007 with the sycamore and ebony split leaf platter".

"Working with wood poses a number of challenges: it has its own characteristics that must be worked with rather than against and it is easy to fall into the trap of letting the wood do all the work (that is, allowing the inherent beauty of highly figured or character-wood to disguise poor design and craftsmanship)."

"I favour using British or temperate hardwoods such as sycamore, oak and ash; sycamore for its smooth texture, ability to take fine detail and affinity for colour; oak and ash for their more rugged qualities and open grain that make them so suitable for scorching, bleaching, liming and texturing. When available I also use reclaimed or recycled woods such as iroko, mahogany, saplele, teak and wenge."

"After a number of years exploring form and design I feel that I have now developed my own characteristic style. My designs are contemporary, square and rectangular as well as circular, allowing me to explore the contrast and interplay between curved surfaces and straight lines."

"Recently I have started to construct vessels by bringing turned fractions together. This offers a rich vein to explore, giving the opportunity to escape the limitations in form imposed by the process of turning whilst retaining pleasing elements of symmetry."

"As well as functional pieces I make decorative and sculptural works. My aim (whether or not I succeed!) is to produce work with a "wow" factor, individuality, good design and high quality finish."

This text is based on Rosemary Wright's website (17 Nov 2011).