Special Exhibits - Society of Ornamental Turners
Society of Ornamental Turners (SOT)

The Society of Ornamental Turners was formed in 1948 to ensure that this most ornate form of turning practised by just a few skilled Turners was kept alive.

With the first recorded items dating back to the 15th Century ornamental turning was highly prized by the European royalty. Subsequently the craft form reached a zenith of popularity amongst the new emerging scientific amateurs of the Victorian era. Today the Society is very active with over 300 members worldwide.

The exhibition stand will feature what we have learnt from the past in the form of brilliantly executed replicas in the style of some of the famed Coburg ivories at the Petti Palace in Florence and the Green Vault in Dresden.

Today the Society is fully supports supportive of world-wide Conservation movement and these items are turned in boxwood. We will also be recognizing the work one of our most famous founder members, Bill Jones, who passed away recently.

The scope of ornamental turning seems to broaden every year and the displays of work will reflect these new developments.

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