Special Exhibits

Bert Marsh Retrospective

Bert Marsh was a master of artistic form and his ability to turn vessels of all types with the thinnest walls was legendary.

He was revered by his peers and known throughout the world for the quality of his work. He was prolific and his work is in most serious wood collector's collections and held in many museums worldwide.

Historic lathes

One of the very earliest forms of lathe was the pole lathe. There will be demonstrations of woodturning using a pole lathe during the Exhibition.

The pole lathe alternately spins backwards and forwards, so can only cut half of the time.

To overcome this problem Leonardo da Vinci invented the treadle lathe. A replica of Leonardo's invention will be demonstrated by Stuart King.

Holtzapffel Collection

The family firm of tool manufacturers, Holtzapffel & Co, sold the special lathes for making the most ornate turned objects particularly in the nineteenth century.

We are privileged to be able to show a large display of this incredible collection at Wizardry in Wood.

This will be its first public showing in 82 years. There will also be a fully equipped nineteenth century Holtzapffel lathe resplendent in all its glory.

Mary Rose Collection

The story of the recovery of the Henry VIII's flagship, Mary Rose, is one of the miracles of naval archaeology.

It means there is an extensive collection of turned items from 1545 in wonderful condition, which the Mary Rose Trust has kindly agreed to let us exhibit for the first time in London.

The display includes a wide range of items, including bowls, plates cups, medical instruments, musical instruments and rigging blocks.

Ornamental Turning

The Society of Ornamental Turners was formed in 1948 to ensure that this most ornate form of turning practised by just a few skilled Turners was kept alive.

The scope of ornamental turning broadens every year and the display of work reflects these new developments.

Polelathe turners

The Association of Polelathe Turners and Greenwood Workers was created in 1990 by a dozen like-minded individuals who wanted to rescue the art of polelathe turning and greenwood working from obscurity.

The organisation now has a global membership of over 770.

Its stand will feature the practical nature of this craft and the artefacts the members produce.

Royal thrones

The splendid thrones and banquette on display at Wizardry in Wood were the focal point of the sumptuous furnishings of the Spirit of Chartwell, the barge which carried the royal family down the Thames on June 3rd 2012.

The Turners' Company gave the six finials which graced the thrones and a banquette.