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Stuart Mortimer

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Stuart Mortimer is an award winning internationally known woodturner with a wide knowledge in many aspects of turning. His demonstrating and teaching skills are recognised both at home and abroad.

Stuart is a self taught turner from 1968 and winner of many National awards for his woodwork. He has built up an International reputation and is highly regarded by his peers and collectors alike in many areas of turning, he is a writer, teacher, demonstrator, and consultant to turners and turning groups throughout the U.K., Europe, Scandinavia the U.S.A. and Australia.

Stuart Mortimer lives in Hampshire, England and is a retired Police Inspector who became a proficient hobby turner before his retirement in 1989, he went on to win several National awards before starting to write both at home and abroad. He is well known and admired in International woodturning circles for his variety of work, fresh ideas and spiral work, travelling widely in the countries previously mentioned attending seminars and exhibitions as a sought after teacher and demonstrator.

Stuart has an affinity with trees and their product and is continually on the look out for the unusual piece of material, in fact he admits to having scouts out there looking for him. Every piece of his work is hand crafted with meticulous care and finished to the highest degree for tactile and visual pleasure. He is the author of 'Techniques of spiral work' and has published a video titled 'Wet Turning with a Difference'.

Stuart Mortimer says about his work: "I love wood and I am always on the look out for the unusual piece exotic or home grown, the hunt is part of the fun. I examine each piece very carefully before using it. Identifying or bringing out hidden features that will enhance the final piece is a joy. Destroying a hidden feature during preparation or turning can be disappointing and unforgivable."

"I am also constantly looking for very plain freshly cut wet wood that has no features or blemishes whatsoever. This type of material is very predictable and allows me to produce flawless and stable lightweight turnings. I like simple flowing artistic shapes, in spite of this I also enjoy the extra challenge of constructing works from several turnings. Retaining flow and design with constructed work is more technically challenging. This gives my work more versatility and myself a wider licence to explore new ideas and techniques. My wife is my strongest critic her feelings as well as my own to a particular piece is normally a good barometer as to how it will be received by others."

"The conception of new ideas, design and techniques quite often develop from disappointment. Attaining perfection in wood is illusive but I continually strive for this goal, I enjoy each attempt at the impossible?"

This text is based on the 'About Stuart' page of Stuart Mortimer's website (16 Nov 2011).