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Tracey Owen

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Tracy Owen is on the Register of Professional Turners and has won many awards in National shows over the last twelve years for his innovative turning. He also writes articles for Woodturning magazine. Having established himself as one of the few woodturning professionals to derive his sole livelihood from woodturning Tracy specialises in green (or wet) wood turning of bowls and hollow forms to produce unique one off pieces. Green wood is used as the wood moves when it is drying and adds character to the piece.

Tracy also likes to add texture to his work which is achieved with sandblasting, carving, chainsawing, colouring and the use of the Robert Sorby texturing tool which he invented.

From functional bowls to works of art in mainly native timbers, Tracy has spent the last sixteen years perfecting his skills as a woodturner, demonstrator and artist in wood.

This text was taken from the Tracy Owen's website (16 Nov 2011).